Planting one seed at a time.

Belonging to and Becoming like Jesus

At Northwood United Methodist Church, we believe in planting one seed at a time. We are a christian church that believes in "belonging to and becoming like Jesus" but what does this actually mean?

This simple phrase is the identity of the Northwood Congregation.   We stumbled upon this several years ago at a workshop where our leadership was to write a mission statement. We’ve been living into it and watching this identify unfold for us.  


Belonging to Jesus seems to be the easy part.  We all belong to Jesus at the initiative and invitation of his grace.   Everyone and anyone that walks through our front doors automatically belongs here.  This has caused us to open our hearts, open our minds, and open our doors.   


Becoming like Jesus is a bit more challenging, in fact it is the the process of a life time.   Worship, Bible study, prayer and the fellowship of hanging out with people who want to be like Jesus are ways we find our lives transformed.   By serving in our community we find a multitude of opportunities to practice this Way of Life.    There are days when we experience this transformation process with joy and enthusiasm and for the days of defeat and discouragement, there is always enough forgiveness and grace to set us back on this way of becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.